Cmd VS Cmdlet


  1. Commands which are used in Command Prompt are cmd and command which use in PowerShell is cmdlet.

  2. Both are present in windows environmentabove windows 7 and so on .In pervious environment we have to install PowerShell but windows 7 onwards it already coming with OS.

  3. A command which is present in command prompt gives the result in text base while cmdlet which is present in PowerShell gives result in object basic.

  4. PowerShell cmdlet is more PowerShell scripting language then command prompt commands

  5. PowerShell is actually very different from the Command Prompt. It uses different commands, known as cmdlets in PowerShell. Many system administration tasks — from managing the registry to WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) — are exposed via PowerShell cmdlets, while they aren’t accessible from the Command Prompt.

  6. In simple words we can say command Prompt is legacy environment in windows which contains old dos command and not able to access other components and features of windows, making script is very difficult but PowerShell is very PowerShell full scripting language which can able to access the features and components of windows.

  7. Best things with PowerShell is that it support cmd commands why ?Because PowerShell have contains “aliases” that point these old commands at the appropriate new cmdlets, running the new cmdlets when you type the old commands.