Guideline For AWS (Amazon Web services)

We all knows that  AWS is cloud based computing and its gives us many web services.Now question comes in mind of  system administrator, how to lean the concept and how many types of certification are available for AWS.

Course are divided into 2 level which have all together 5 certification course, which AWS proving right now.

First Level    = Professional Level  

Second Level = Associate level 

     AWS Certification path (1)


Let me explain the level with certification course.Please find below details

Associate level we have 3 certification 

  1. AWS certificate Architect associate solution (For providing the solution)
  2.  AWS certificate Developer associate  (For Developers)
  3. AWS certificate  sysops Administrator  (Implementation )

Professional Level  we have 2 certification

  1. AWS certificate Architect Professional solution (For providing the solution)
  2. DevOps Engineer   (Developers + Implementation )

How to start ? which once start first ? 

So, Its highly recommend for administrator to start from  “AWS certificate  sysops Administrator ” which is basically cover implementation part. 

before that we need to know following concepts very well

  • Implementation
  • Infrastructure
  • Elastic Computing
  • Cloud storage
  • Security

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